12 Best Red Lipsticks on Amazon 2023 for a Statement Lip


Red lipstick is the ultimate accessory, adding a touch of chic to anything from a white tee and jeans to a black dress. Luckily, the bed red lipstick on Amazon is within reach when we need that pop of color, like, yesterday.

There are a few telltale signs of a standout red lipstick. In Allure‘s humble opinion, the most important is lasting power; we’re talking about a formula that doesn’t require hourly bathroom breaks to reapply pigment. A few swipes in the morning should last for the better part of greasy breakfast sandwiches and afternoon coffee to post-work happy hours and dinner. A close second factor is being smudge- and transfer-proof, qualities that will especially come in handy when you’re wearing light colors or going on a date. Matte lipsticks should be non-drying while creamy finishes should be hydrating without compromising a 16-hour wear time.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best red lipsticks on Amazon. From orange-red hues for summer soirees to deep oxblood shades that embody dark academia, below you’ll find stunning colors with equally impressive formulas to match.

Our Top Picks

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