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    Editor Tip: Due to the abrasiveness of most whitening toothpastes, Miami-based board-certified dentist Oscar Sanchez, DDS recommends using this toothpaste two to three times weekly rather than daily. “It does contain fluoride, which helps protect enamel and potassium nitrate, a desensitizing ingredient,” he adds.

    Product Type: Toothpaste | Active Ingredients: Potassium nitrate, sodium fluoride | Frequency of Use: Twice daily

    Best Peroxide-Free Treatment: Lumineux Whitening Strips

    Why It’s Worth It: The beauty of Lumineux’s Whitening Strips is that each treatment only takes 30 minutes. Rather than utilizing sensitizing whitening ingredients like peroxides (which most whitening strips contain, according to the American Dental Association), Lumineux’s strips give you a whiter, brighter smile and a fresher, cleaner feel through a combination of essential oils like antimicrobial lemon peel and coconut oils along with tooth-polishing sea salt. The result is whiter teeth by the time you empty this whitening treatment’s 42-strip box.

    Editor Tip: To enhance your results, we recommend using Lumineux’s Teeth Whitening Mouthwash after brushing your teeth.

    Product Type: Strips | Active Ingredients: Lemon peel oil, coconut oil, sea salt | Frequency of Use: 30 minutes daily

    Best Teeth-Whitening Duo: Supersmile Professional Teeth Whitening System

    Why It’s Worth It: Dr. Wei says Supersmile’s Professional Teeth Whitening System is one of the best duos on the market for its mild yet impressive formulation. “This system uses a gentle whitening accelerator to provide fast, safe, and effective whitening results without any sensitivity,” he says. The whitening agent that Dr. Wei is referring to is the brand’s proprietary Calprox, which is a silica-free derivative of calcium peroxide.

    Editor Tip: To use this duo, the brand recommends applying pearl-sized dollops of both formulas on a dry toothbrush and brushing as per usual.

    Product Type: Toothpaste, accelerator gel | Active Ingredients: Calcium peroxide, fluoride | Frequency of Use: Two minutes twice per day

    Best Teeth-Whitening Gel: Go Smile Professional White Teeth Whitening Gel

    Why It’s Worth It: Mix a dab of Go Smile’s Professional White Teeth Whitening Gel with your sensitive toothpaste and the peroxide-based formula will help fade stains over time. The combination of the two products simultaneously bleaches and scrubs teeth while preventing sensitivity.

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