Botox in a Bottle 2024: 13 Products That Work Like Botox


So, are there products out there that provide the instantaneous fine-smoothing effects of neuromodulator injections? Simply put, no. At this time, at-home topicals aren’t advanced enough to act as swiftly and effectively as professional-grade treatments like Botox. With that being sad, there are still quite a few products that will plump skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin. You can even use them in tandem with professional Botox treatments (from a board-certified dermatologist, of course) to enhance and prolong its line-dissipating benefits.

What are the key ingredients in “Botox in a bottle” products?

“The best line-fighting creams are those that help build our skin’s own building blocks, namely collagen and elastin fibers,” explains Deanne Robinson, MD, a Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist. She recommends topical retinoids, firming peptides, brightening vitamin C, and growth factors to help support skin cell turnover, increase collagen fibers, and hydrate the skin to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and frown lines.

Certain peptides, like neuropeptides, also serve as neurotransmitters in the skin, which work similarly to botulinum toxin by limiting muscle movement — although it’s to a much lesser degree than that in injectables. With that, consider these skin-care products, including moisturizers, serums, and treatments, your best bet for products that work like Botox injections — just without the pinch.

How we test and review products

When Allure tests a product, our editors look at it from every angle in an effort to best serve you. We review ingredients, scrutinize brand claims, and, when necessary, examine peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies. In addition to testing each and every product that’s included in each and every review, we rely on experts who shape their fields, including dermatology, cosmetic chemistry, and medicine, to help us vet the ingredients and formulas. 

For our list of line-fighting skin-care products, we considered each product’s performance across five primary categories: product ingredients and efficacy, packaging, fragrance, texture, and product wear. Every product was determined to have excelled in each category by our editorial team, which is composed of in-house writers and editors as well as contributors — along with special consideration from board-certified dermatologists. To learn more information on our reporting and testing processes, read our complete reviews process and methodology page.

Our staff and testers

A beauty product is a personal purchase. You might be searching for a face cream to address persistent dryness or a new nail product to add to your Sunday self-care routine; you may simply be browsing around for the latest launches to hit the hair market. No matter what you seek or your individual needs and concerns, Allure wants to ensure that you love anything we recommend in our stories. We believe that having a diverse team of writers and editors — in addition to the wide range of outside testers and industry experts we regularly call upon — is essential to reaching that goal.



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