Cold Water Swimming May Alleviate Menopause Symptoms


Can open water swimming in the cold enhance your physical and mental health? Increasingly, the answer seems to be yes.

Certainly the positive buzz on cold water swimming continues to grow, thanks to word of mouth, television shows like Bad Sisters (where the main characters congregate for icy dips in a famed swimming spot called the Forty Foot, just south of Dublin), and the movie Nyad (starring Annette Bening as the real-life athlete Diana Nyad, who attempts an open water swim from Cuba to Miami).

There is a body of evidence supporting the idea that cold water immersion can enhance mental health. It’s not totally clear why. Early research on the benefits of cold showers for depression suggest that cold-water immersion triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters that could have an antidepressive effect.

Other research indicates that the physical and mental benefits of swimming may be improved by swimming in cold water, although more data is needed to fully investigate the risks and benefits, the study authors wrote.



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