CrossFit Games Athletes, Powerlifting Champion Among Big Names to Join Gladiator TV Series Reboot 


The latest lineup of Gladiators looks promising.

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Perhaps the third time will be the charm for the Australian version of the Gladiators television series. After a previous attempt to revive the show lasted just one season, producers made sure there will be no shortage of star power for the 2024 reboot by assembling a loaded lineup that officially includes four CrossFit Games athletes and a powerlifting champion.

On Sept. 26, 2023, the show’s official Instagram account posted a photo of the cast for the upcoming revival. For fans of the CrossFit Games, Gladiators will provide an opportunity to watch some of Australia’s top athletes compete in a much different arena.

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Among the notable names is veteran Khan Porter, who finished second nationally in 2020. The lone male CrossFit Games competitor to get selected, he’ll be joined by fellow CrossFit athletes Alethea Boon, Katelin van Zyl, and Harriet Roberts. 

Besides being a five-year CrossFit Games competitor, Boon also represented her country at the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and 2002 as an elite gymnast. Plus, the New Zealand native showcased her versatility by competing in her third Commonwealth Games as an Olympic weightlifter in the under-58-kilogram weight category. She impressively made the switch 16 years after her last appearance as a gymnast.  

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old Van Zyl currently ranks 25th worldwide among women and second in Australia behind only Ellie Turner (ninth worldwide). No stranger to contact sports, she made the switch to CrossFit after a jaw injury ended her professional hockey career. Given the high-impact nature of many of the challenges, Gladiators could prove to be the perfect fit for Van Zyl, who finished fourth at the 2023 CrossFit Oceania Semifinal.

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The original series, which ran from 1995-96, featured athletes like former Junior Mr. Universe Michael Melksham (“Taipan”) and former professional rugby player Mark McGaw (“Hammer”) going up against challengers in various events that tested their physical and mental strength and skill. Just like it did in the United States, the show garnered a loyal audience in Australia during its three-season run thanks to its unique setup and charismatic cast.

Although a 2008 revival ultimately ended after 15 episodes, the third edition has the potential to stick around based on the collective talent of the 12-person cast. After all, the newest additions to the Gladiator family – including Ironman competitor Jeff Kenny and former pro rugby player Sandor Earl – come with some impressive credentials. 

In addition to CrossFit, the show will also shine the spotlight on the sports of bodybuilding and powerlifting by featuring Kwame Duah and Jaymi Morris. The former has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram and the advantage of having competed on the Ninja Warrior series. The latter is a fierce competitor of her own with a personal-best raw total of 914.9 pounds. 

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Morris has been one of Australia’s top female lifters for nearly two years, capturing first place in each of her last six competitions. The New South Wales native most recently took home top honors with a raw deadlift of 551.1 pounds at the Conquerer of the Coast competition on Aug. 5, 2023. 

For Gladiators fans, the 2024 reboot will still feature classic events like Hang Tough, Duel, The Wall, Power Ball, Pyramid, and The Eliminator. However, the show will have a fresh feel with a strong cast of stars and the co-host duo of Beau Ryan (who hosts the Amazing Race) and Liz Ellis. 

Here is the complete Gladiator lineup for the 2024 reboot: 

  • Alethea Boon (“Elektra”) – Five-time CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Blessings Chilufya (“Cyclone”) – F45 Trainer
  • Chanique Greyling (“Halo”) – Stuntwoman
  • Damien Rider (“Cobra”) – Fitness Guru
  • Harriet Roberts (“Arrow”) – Four-time CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Jaymi Morris (“Chaos”) – Professional Powerlifter
  • Jett Kenny (“Viking”) – Ironman Athlete
  • Katelin van Zyl (“Raven”) – Three-time CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Khan Porter (“Spartan”) – Seven-time CrossFit Games Athlete
  • Kwame Duah (“Maximus”) – Professional Bodybuilder
  • Sandor Earl (“Phoenix”) – Former National Rugby League (NRL) Player
  • Tatyanna Dumas (“Comet”) – Ninja Warrior Winner

No announcement has been made about the date of the first episode. Luckily for Gladiators fans, at least they can start learning more about the latest collection of athletes who will be showcasing their skills on screen. 



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