Dr. Felicia’s Transformation: Losing 25 Pounds for a Healthy Future

Dr. Felicia’s Transformation: Losing 25 Pounds for a Healthy Future

Transformation of the Day: Dr. Felicia lost 25 pounds. This grandmother of six is was determined to reclaim her health and be there to see her grandchildren growup and thrive. She took action by learning about how processed foods affect the body and reached out to her doctor who prescribed her Mounjaro.

Felicia before and after losing 25 pounds

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Hi! My name is Dr. Felicia Riggs, and I have battled with weight for way too long. I knew that it was time to make a change when I looked up and realized that I was taking the “dirty cocktail” of high blood, cholesterol, and diabetic medications.  

Being the grandmother of six and one on the way, I really started thinking about the quality of the rest of my years and being able to spend time with them and watch them grow up. 

Six years ago, I was really at a low point in my life (newly divorced and battling depression) when I journaled about how I wanted my life to look like in five years without the slightest sight of it coming true. One of the many things I wanted to do was lose weight and get my health back on track. 

This past summer, I had been hearing about the success people were having on the Tirzepitides for diabetes and weight loss and decided to ask my primary doctor about it. I will not lie: I LOVED to eat and had NO self-control. Sit a basket of bread rolls or a bag of potato chips in front of me and it was OVER. I failed time after time whenever I tried to eat healthier and began to take it on as a personality defect. 

As I studied more and more, I learned that those foods were engineered to make us overeat and crave more, so it was by design that I would fail—it felt like an endless cycle. 

In October, my doctor prescribed me Mounjaro at 2.5 ml at first and then to 5 ml. After about a week, the cravings were mitigated, and I started replacing chips with fruits and nuts. I then started paying close attention to portion sizes and calories as the injections were highly effective on curbing my appetite. 

My starting weight was 240 pounds. Three months later, I have managed to lose 25 pounds, so I am currently at 215 at 5’3”. My ultimate goal is to live in “One-derland” by losing at least 25 more before moving into a maintenance phase.

At this point, I have embraced better eating habits (cooking at home, no fast foods, fried foods, processed foods, or sugar) as part of my life. I do not like seafood, so I mainly eat chicken, chicken sausage for breakfast or chicken-based soups. I also eat veggie-based pasta, salads, and small portions of carbs for lunch. Sometimes, I fast in the evenings.  

As far as working out, the Lord is still working on me, but I do enjoy a 20-30 minute walk at least three times a week. I LOVE water aerobics in the summer. I am going to pick up my Hoolahoop, put on some African beats, and focus on toning with a weight bar.

I have learned through this process that I CAN do whatever I set my mind to. I have also learned that if you have a vision for your life and you become intentional, the HELP is there and WILL manifest itself! I wrote the EXACT weight I wanted to be, and I am SO excited that I am almost there!


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