Helen Mirren’s Hair Is Even Bigger Than Her Presence — See Photos


One of my favorite things about Helen Mirren (aside from the one time she literally stood up during a Zoom interview so I could get a better look at her Prada ‘fit) is her ability to switch seamlessly from timeless hairstyles — her go-to headbands are so chic — to completely out-of-left-field bold looks. In 2019, she surprised the Cannes crowd with pink hair that matched her gown, and just this past May at the same film festival, she turned heads with a blue updo (yes, once again matching her ensemble). But she just proved she doesn’t have to reach for the dye to make a major statement with her hair.

Mirren was one of several L’Oréal Paris celebrity ambassadors to walk the runway during the brand’s Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, October 1. As usual, she exuded the confidence, charisma, and magnetism that have made her such a beloved star, certainly nailing the “Walk Your Worth” theme. She donned a gorgeous floor-length, off-the-shoulder, gown covered in silver sequins, in which she couldn’t help but playfully swish around the extra-long sleeves.

Perhaps she was really feeling the positive vibes of the night because she knew her hair looked incredible. You’ve heard the saying, “the higher the hair, the closer to god”? I think this is a case of “the wider the hair, the closer to perfection.” Mirren’s hair was the biggest we’ve ever seen it, especially when it comes to breadth — fluffed out with mega-volume, seemingly with the texture of brushed out curls. The length reached just an inch or two past her shoulders but a good foot past them horizontally.

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