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How do you use orange concealer? Yes, orange concealer is a thing. Gone are the days when flesh-coloured concealer way the only way to hide dark spots, large pores, and any minor blemishes. But sometimes, they’re not enough. You need something stronger to cover what a flesh-toned concealer still allows to show. That’s where orange concealer comes in. Ranging from bright orange to subtler apricot, from salmon to peach hues, orange concealer are a must to counteract any blue tones in the skin. Here’s what I mean:

What Is A Color Corrector?

Orange concealer is a color corrector. “Color correcting in makeup is the use of a pigment to counter or balance a discolouration of the skin to conceal that discolouration and make the skin appear even in colour,” explains NYC makeup artist William Scott.

Remember that color theory lesson you had in art class? The one with the colour wheel? The same theory applies here. When you use a concealer shade that is the exact opposite, on the colour wheel, of the shade of your skin discolouration, you neutralise that discolouration, so that it’s invisible to the naked eye.

Benefits Of Orange Concealer

Orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel, so orange concealer helps neutralise every imperfection with a bluish tint. “Orange color corrector is intended to neutralize dark spots, scars, under-eye circles, areas that may turn gray under foundation, or other stubborn and relatively cool-toned blemishes,” Scott explains. “It is best suited for medium- to dark-skinned people.” Let’s take a look at that in more detail:

1. It Hides Dark Circles

Dark circles are the bane of women’s existence. Usually, a yellow-toned or even flesh-toned concealers are enough to hide them. But, what if you have an olive skintone or just really bad, really dark circles with bluish undertones? That’s when orange concealers come in. They’re more effective way of covering them up than your flesh-toned concealers.

2. It Counteracts Ashiness

Do you have a medium or dark skintone that looks somewhat ashy? Dab some orange-toned (peachy shades work best) on your face to counteract it. Does your skin have golden undertones? Peachy concealers will brighten it up and give it that beautiful, natural glow.

3. It Hides Dark Spots

Orange concealers are very handy even for those who have spots on their skin. No, I’m not talking about pimples, but age spots, hyperpigmentation and even freckles. One swipe of an orange-toned concealer will be enough to hide, or at least greatly reduce, their appearance.

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Who Should Use Orange Concealer?

Because you go out and invest in a good orange concealer (recommendations below), how do you know it will work for you? Orange concealer isn’t for everyone. It only works well if you have a medium to dark complexion. As a rule, the darker your skin tone, the darker the shade of concealer you need to use. If you’re fair like me, orange concealer won’t do much for you. Instead, opt for a pink or peach concealers. They do the same thing for your skin tone.

How To Apply Orange Concealer

So you’re convinced you need an orange concealer in your stash to cover those bluish dark spots and ashy tones. How do you apply it to make the most of it, so you don’t look like an Oompa Loompa?

  1. Start with a good moisturiser or hydrating primer to create a smooth texture for makeup to go on.
  2. Apply a few spots of the orange concealer on the bluish discolouration with your fingers. Your colour correcting concealer is always the first product you apply. This allows you to apply your normal concealer and foundation on top to create an even, flawless canvas.
  3. Using a foundation brush for your face or a concealer brush for your under-eye area, blend the dots into your skin. Don’t use too much product. You want to cover the bluish hue, not look cakey. Remember, you need to apply more makeup layers on top.
  4. Using your fingers or a damp blending sponge, apply your usual flesh-toned concealer on top of the orange concealer to even everything out with the rest of your complexion.
  5. Continue the rest of your makeup routine as normal.

What Are The Best Orange Concealers?

Looking for an orange concealer to hide your dark circles or hyperpigmentation? Here are the best options on the market right now:

  • Huda Beauty Faux Filter Color Corrector (£26.00): Crease, sweat and transfer-proof, this creamy formula is available in several orange colours, including to Blood Orange to Papaya and Peach to match a wide range of skin tones. Available at Boots, Cult Beauty, and Sephora.
  • KimChi Chic Beauty The Most Concealer (£12.00): This water-proof, full coverage concealer is available in every shade under the same, including flesh-coloured shades, green, purple, and even orange. Available at Beauty Bay.
  • MAC Studio Fix Conceal And Correct Palette In Dark (£30.00): This palette features 4 concealer shades for medium to dark skin tones and two colour corrector shades, including orange and a dark yellow to create a flawless complexion. Available at Look Fantastic and MAC Cosmetics.

The Bottom Line

If you have medium to dark skin with bluish discolouration or ashy tones, get yourself an orange concealer. It counteracts the bluish tone, giving your skin a flawless, even-toned look.



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