I Never Thought I’d See the Day Jessie J Didn’t Have Jet-Black Hair — See Videos


Whenever I think of Jessie J, I immediately picture her inky jet-black hair — so imagine my shock and surprise when the pop singer revealed a brand-new hair color and haircut all at once. She chopped off her black hair into a chin-grazing auburn bob

She first revealed her drastic haircut and color transformation in an Instagram video posted on September 20. In the video, Jessie J is seated in a chair as her black hair falls towards her chest in loose waves. Her hairstylist Alisha Dobson flips a cape over the pop star to reveal her new chin-grazing ginger hair at the end.   

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In a second video, which she posted the following day, she showed off her curled bob while sharing some updates on her life as a new mom.  In the midst of her updates, she says, “I have no idea who I am with this hair.” She also mentions how she just started drinking coffee and shows a clear tumbler full of it — we’re guessing it’s a PSL because it almost matches the color of her hair to a tee. 



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