I Never Wear Headbands, But Kerry Washington Makes It Look Way Too Tempting — See Photos


Kerry Washington has been traveling around the country to promote her memoir, Thicker Than Water, since September. For an appearance on The View, the Scandal actor stepped out wearing the cutest headband with gilded and pearlescent embellishments, the cost of which I’d prefer not to know, thank you very much. 

Washington was spotted in the streets of New York City wearing a Giambattista Valli tweed mini dress with a matching tweed purse and black knee-high boots. Her hair was lightly curled, parted down the middle, and left cascading in loose waves towards her chest. The ornamented black headband was placed a few inches behind her hairline. 

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Washington’s look is a perfect example of how a headband can elevate a look without requiring any hairstyling expertise. It’s hard to make out the details of each embellishment on the black velvet band. A few circular pearlescent pieces jutted out from the black base, and you can catch a glimpse at all the gilded accents surrounding them. 

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