Jennifer Lopez’s Glamorous Smoky Eye Look while Enjoying Pasta in Italy


Eating pasta isn’t the most photogenic activity in the world, but Jennifer Lopez makes it seem like the easiest thing, because of course she did. The musician and actor jetted off to Italy for a summer vacation and spent part of said time away enjoying a delish plate of noodles in a subtle smoky eye that really upped the glam factor.

Lopez, fresh off her late July birthday celebrations, shared a video from her day on the water, including more than a few close-up selfie shots so followers could take in every detail of that eye look while she slurped up spaghetti. Her lids are painted with a light champagne shadow and defined with a taupe gray color from just below her brow bone and above her crease to her lashlines; the darker color is softly diffused outward for a winged effect.

The star also wore lots of liner on her lower lashline and waterlines for extra definition and la dolce vita glamour. It’s a smoky eye for sure, but it’s not a full-on night out look with a super heavy, runway-style shadow application either. Instead, Lopez softly smolders in her selfies, especially when paired with effortless waves, rose pink blush and a matching satin lip and a seashell pink manicure. I only wish I looked this good while tucking into a plate of ravioli.

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