Keke Palmer Has Been Going Makeup-Free on Her Podcast, and I Love to See It — See Photos


Keke Palmer has a long and impressive resume that only grew bigger when she launched KeyTV, a streaming network, and subsequently her podcast, Baby, This is Keke Palmer, where she talks about literally whatever’s on her mind. For two recent podcast episodes, the actor went bare-faced and showed off her glowing skin. 

On October 10, she posted the first clip from a podcast episode about The Great Gatsby. She’s wearing a black zip-up sweater, snapback hat, and massive tinted shades while she talks in front of a mic (classic podcast attire). Even with the glasses and hat blocking some of her face, you can see her radiant glow, as if she had done her skin-care routine only 10 minutes before.

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On October 11, she posted another clip from a podcast episode about recent celebrity news. She’s still wearing a hat and glasses, a beanie, and clear frames this time, and her hair falls in light waves to her chest. That radiance is still there. 

Palmer has been candid about her skin-care journey, including times when she’s shared products she uses or joked about the stress of adult acne and having PCOS. But it’s been a while since she dropped any skin updates, so she should drop a video of her updated routine sometime soon. I’m sure fans would love to know how her skin and routine have changed since pregnancy.



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