Look Better to Feel Better With Psoriatic Arthritis


Everybody has triggers that get them riled up — whether it’s a boss with incessant demands or those endless traffic jams on the way home from work. There also are certain triggers that can aggravate your psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, too, such as specific foods, activities, and even bad habits you just can’t seem to break. For example, cigarette smoking can make your condition worse, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Take note of what you’re doing when you experience a flare and then take steps to avoid the situations that tend to bring on psoriatic arthritis symptoms. The way you handle stress is important, too, according to the NPF, so learning to let go a little — such as through meditation or deep breathing — can go a long way toward helping diffuse stress.

Experiencing fewer flares might just put a smile on your face — and that’s often the best beauty tip there is.

With additional reporting by Madeline Vann, MPH.



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