Mandy Moore Is Making Sure the Hair Bow Trend Stays Alive in 2024 — See Photo


Hair bows and ribbons make a very cute comeback every few years — 2017 was arguably the last time it had a major moment before having a triumphant and ubiquitous return in 2023. Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, and Gwyneth Paltrow all tied one on last year, so to speak, but considering it wasn’t until summer that Hailey Bieber really made hair ribbons a big thing, this trend arguably has another half a year of prime chicness to go — and Mandy Moore is first in line keeping the look alive in 2024.

On Monday, January 1, Moore shared a teensy peek at what she’d worn the night before for New Year’s Eve via mirror selfie. But while we got a bit of a look at the velvet, puff-sleeve ensemble she partied in, it’s clear that this reflection shot was entirely intended to capture her adorable hairstyle.

“Trying to get a pic of my bow last night c/o @barbdoeshair,” Moore wrote, tagging the talented stylist behind the look. And that look was arguably one of the most simultaneously aspirational and achievable looks of the year: a simple black ribbon tied into a bow. It’s holding the top half of her recently-trimmed, shoulder-length hair in a low ponytail.

Instagram/Mandy Moore



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