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We recently had the immense pleasure of seeing a post pop up in our community by user Granny Longlegs who said:

‘In this season of blessings and gratitude, list 3 reasons why you love TBP…..’

We absolutely loved the vibe of this message. Not only was it sharing positive thoughts about health and fitness (as well as our team who we love and adore) but it was inviting others in the community to do the same. And boy did they.

Here are some of our favourite comments and off-the-cuff Team Body Project reviews that really highlight what we’re about.

Team Body Project Reviews – What We’re Really About at TBP

Celebrating every body

At TBP we celebrate every body, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. There is no judgments if you’re just beginning (or beginning again… or again…). We’ve all been there, including our coaches!

As Kathy said, ‘They are so affirming and make everyone welcome,’ with Emilyt adding ‘So much variety and so many options within each workout!’

And Crystal said, ‘Great workouts targeted to every level and even mood!!’ with Kathy highlighting, ‘So many wonderful videos to choose from,’ and Kerri loving the wide ‘variety of moves!’

Lisa brought it all together saying that she loves the ‘duration of videos and levels of exercise for every age’!

Real people taking part in real workouts

At TBP we’re not putting out anything fake. Our coaches and video participants are really out there sweating through the workout just the same as each of our members in their own homes. The people in our videos are real members (Kristen, Tarsh, Christine, Matt, Jaimie, Angie and Wade), who are on their own health and fitness journey and are embracing the TBP ethos to help them feel good and achieve their best health.

Lisa believes this listing two or her three reasons as:

‘1. Real people that are not always perfect.
2. Luke has no rhythm, like me!’

Lisa D adds that she loves that we use ‘Genuine team members along with Daniel & Alex who have our best interest in mind.’

And Stephanie says, ‘The realness. Unlike other workout programs and videos, they remind me that they are real people and like me might not always be able to do everything.’

Finally, Liz agrees with the comments that came before saying, ‘All of these, especially the realness. I spent a decade doing YouTube workouts before finding TBP and sorting through the fake tans, fake smiles and fake body parts was unreal.’

The team

What makes Team Body Project truly the best (and we’re not biased at all!) is the team! We have the best coaches (if we do say so ourselves) and the best team supporting them. Everyone involved at Team Body Project is proud to be involved and are 100% themselves at all times.

Davina put it best when she listed three reasons that she loved TBP as being:

‘1.Daniel’s speeches
2. Alex shouting COME ON
3. Kristen and Tarsh smiling and having fun.’

Lisa D also loves ‘Daniel’s words of wisdom, songs & oops during workouts that keep it real and not staged to perfection,’ while Kerry appreciates ‘Daniel’s advice.’ And Granny Longlegs, the original poster, loves that the team:

‘1. mess up
2. laugh about messing up!’

Real success

Of course our coaches are also very good at what they do. And our TBP community appreciate how they can see results and success as they move forward on their health and fitness journey.

Pam loves TBP’s ‘high quality trainers’ and Deb appreciates that ‘the programs and exercises are well put together and deliver results.’ Tarra knows that, ‘They care for all their team members’ success.’ Kerry sees herself improving saying she is ‘Challenging myself with certain moves I never thought possible… and feeling accomplished when it’s over!’

Amanda adds of our coaches, ‘Also they are creative, and I always look forward to my workouts!’ with Liz saying, ‘I love that they don’t waste a bunch of time teaching choreography. They dive right in and keep each move simple enough to follow. I’ve tried Zumba type workouts where the first 20 minutes of the video is just showing the steps. I don’t have that kind of time to waste!’

Emily kept her review simple, and to the point! ‘They’ve changed my life!’

Real community

While Kathy explicitly stated that one of the things she most loves about TBP is that, ‘I feel part of a great community’, we don’t need our community to say this to know how true it is. These types of posts show us how wonderful and supportive our community really are to both Team Body Project as a whole, and each other every day.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with and proud of the beautiful community that’s built up around us. We wouldn’t be anything without our community!

If you’re not already part of the TBP community, join today! You’ll get so much support from the other community members, and that will drive your own success! (And you can see more Team Body Project reviews on that page as well!)

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