The Effect of One Bad Bulb


Ah, it’s that most wonderful time of the year. Decorations that brighten the long winter’s nights are being strung and lit all around homes, businesses, and neighborhoods. It really does lift the spirit to see the tasteful displays, and, I must admit, even the garish ones make my inner child smile.

The lights I now string on my own Christmas tree are far different from the strands I remember from my childhood. As I wrap 3,000 LED fairy lights on this year’s Yule fir, I’m brought back to the old incandescent lights and the difficulties they proved most years.

One Bad LED Bulb Doesn’t Darken the Whole Strand

On today’s tree, there is one LED light on one of the strands that flickers inconsistently, but unlike the old kind of lights, this one defective light doesn’t affect the whole strand.

Back in the day, I remember plugging in strands of 50 or 100 lights to test them and then having to unplug and inspect each bulb to see which one was causing the outage.



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