Vanessa Hudgens Figured Out the Ideal Hairstyle to Wear With a Casual Witch Hat — See Photo


If you’ve ever struggled with how to style your hair while wearing a hat, the last few months alone have served in a celebrity-led masterclass on the subject. Natalie Portman made a straw bucket hat look somehow elevated with smooth, loose curls; Jennifer Lopez defied the odds (and possibly the laws of physics) but successfully wearing a fedora over a half-up hairstyle; and Taylor Swift proved air-dried waves are the way to go — on more than on occasion — when wearing a slouchy baseball cap. But with Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been left wondering: What’s the best way to wear our hair under a pointy witch hat? Well, it turns out spooky season fanatic Vanessa Hudgens has the answer.

The actor, singer, and very big fan of goth vibes posted a black-and-white photo (all of her grid pictures have been sans color since mid-September) to Instagram on Friday, October 13 to celebrate the allegedly unlucky day. “Happy Friday the 13th. From this lil witch to you 🖤,” she wrote in the caption. 

In the seemingly makeup-free selfie, she appears to be wearing a Rowing Blazers x Target rugby shirt with a seasonally appropriate skull, but what really makes it an especially October-y look is her hat: a pointy witch-style hat, but apparently a casual knitted one with an adorably floppy feel. But regardless of the material of the hat, the photo provides guidance regarding a cute way to wear one’s hair with such a head-topper. 

As lovely as hair looks when worn down with a witch hat and as timeless as a low, knotted bun à la Margaret Hamilton may be, Hudgens propounds another option: low, braided pigtails. It’s giving Fairuza Balk in 1986’s classic Halloween TV movie The Worst Witch — but instead of the worst, it’s kind of the best, especially because the face-framing tendrils keep the look from leaning too juvenile.

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