What if My Lung Cancer Comes Back?


Katie Trimble is a two-time lung cancer survivor. At age 48, the never-smoker from Centerville, Utah, who hiked every day, was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer in March 2021.

To shrink the lime-sized tumor in her right lung, Trimble was treated with a medication targeting the EGFR gene mutation that causes her type of cancer. She also underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

A year later, an imaging scan and blood test indicated that her lung cancer was gone. Then, just a few months later, in July 2022, she started experiencing severe headaches. They were “so painful I felt like my head was going to explode,” Trimble recalls. A visit to the emergency room and a CT scan revealed her lung cancer had spread to her brain.

Throughout the recurrence and subsequent treatment, she has tried to maintain a positive outlook, even though at times it was challenging.



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