Semaglutide: A Life-Changing Weight Loss Drug for Compulsive Eaters


Laura Hall was doing everything right.

After a lifetime of profound struggles with compulsive eating, the Fort Worth, Texas, resident had finally put together all the pieces of a healthy lifestyle. She was eating a plant-based diet and had cultivated healthy exercise habits. Around 2017, she hit her goal weight.

But last year, at age 52, Laura found herself putting on menopausal weight and didn’t seem able to stop gaining. And though she had largely gotten her binge eating under control, and she was satisfied with her wholesome diet, the compulsion to overeat still haunted every meal.

When she asked her doctor about semaglutide, the blockbuster weight loss drug sold as Ozempic and Wegovy, she wasn’t an obvious candidate for it. The drug is not recommended for people without diabetes or those who do not have a clear medical reason to lose weight, and Laura only wanted to lose about 30 pounds. Experts do not know if patients like Laura can use semaglutide safely.



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