Zendaya’s Alien Sunset Eye Shadow Takes Up Half Her Entire Face — See Photos


Zendaya is doing the premiere and photocall rounds for Dune: Part Two, and it won’t surprise a single reader to learn that she’s been serving up some of the most incredible futuristic fashions. Interestingly, they all seem to involve crop tops — her abs made appearances at multiple events in Mexico and France. And much like her tops covered half of her torso, her eye makeup covered half of her face at her most recent appearance.

The cast of Dune: Part Two attended the film’s Paris premiere at Le Grand Rex on Monday, February 12, and Zendaya was clearly the style stand-out with her metallic gold Louis Vuitton ensemble. The back of her slicked-back hair was hidden in the dramatic, high collar of the cropped top, but was easy to see the sculpted baby hairs and wet-look tendrils framing her face.

And on that face — seemingly most of her face — was the most stunning alien sunset eye shadow look. She wore a coppery orange color on her upper lids that extends to her temples and wraps around under her cheekbones and lower lashline. It flanked a gorgeous golden highlight on the high point of her cheeks, and that gold also showed up on her mobile lid and in the inner corners of her eyes. The shades were blended to create a warm, shimmery ombré effect.

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